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City break in Bucharest

You deserve a city break to Bucharest –  the largest and the most important cultural and economical center of Romania. You will have the opportunity to get aquainted with the atmosphere of “ Le petit Paris” reputation won at the beginning of XX century, because included in the program is a city tour of the Capital of Romania. You will see the second largest building in the world. Now you have the opportunity to book this tour all year round .

Day 1: Transfer from the airport to your accommodation place Meeting with the english speaking driver / guide at the airport in Otopeni and  transfer to Bucharest .

Day 2: * Bucharest city tour After breakfast we begin the city tour of Bucharest. Highlights: Parliament’s Palace (visit – 50 min., reservation before) – Military AcademyCotroceni Palace ( visit-50 min., reservation before ) – Botanical Garden –  National Opera HallVictoriei Avenue  – Romanian Gov’t Palace  – Village Museum (visit- 1 hour ) – House of PressMiorita fountainArch of Triumph  – George Enescu Museum ( house with lions) – Romanian AthenaeumCentral University LibraryMuseum of art AmmanThe Royal Palace ( National museum of Art) – Central Army House – ruins of Old Princely Court .

Arch of Triumph - Bucharest ,VLT Bucharest private driverAtheneum BucharestArt Collections MuseumAtheneum Bucharest VLTthe Air Pilot Monument- BucharestAntipa Museum - VLT personal driver BucharestCarol I Central University Library Botanical Garden - VLT personal driver BucharestBucharest 550 years old City VLT-personal driverBucharest night vision Bucharest sunset VLT personal driverBucur Church-Bucharest.Carol I Park- BucharestCentral Army House VLT Bucharest private driverCentral CEC House BucharestCotroceni Palace George Enescu National MuseumGovernment of Romania HouseLipscani street Bucharest Old CityNational Bank of RomaniaNational Art Museum of Romania Bucharest National Art Museum of Romania Bucharest National Museum of History Romania BucharestNational Sport ArenaBucharest night vision Princely Palace Old Court BucharestPrincely Palace Old Court Bucharest Princely Palace Old Court Bucharest VLT Personal driver servicesMogosoaia PalaceMogosoaia PalaceMogosoaia Palace - BucurestiParliament House Atheneum Bucharest Atheneum Bucharest Romanian Opera HallStavropoleos Church BucharestThe Manuc's inn

As well,  Bucharest surroundings :

 – Ostrov -Snagov Snagov Monastery where  is supposedly buried Vlad Tepes ( the Impaler ) head ,  Snagov  island‘s history is closely related to Romanian. Surrounded by the waters of Lake Snagov, in turn surrounded by a huge forest –  Vlasie , island was a strategic place for rulers of the Romanian Country. Snagov  Island is linked to the name of  Vlad Tepes, because it is assumed that the ruler is buried somewhere on the island. On the island you can see the Snagov Monastery, a monastery built  in  1521  by Neagoe Basarab exact  site  of  the  old  church  in  the  time  of  Vlad  the Impaler . In  Snagov  Monastery , Metropolitan Antim Ivireanu  (1650 – 1716) , printed  the first books  in  Romanian  with  Latin  characters.

 – Palace Mogoşoaia  –  Built  by  Constantin  Brancoveanu  being  completed  at  the  beginning  of  the  17th  centuryon  land  that  belonged  to  nobleman  Mogoş ,  from  which  comes  the  name  of  the  assembly.  It  belonged  to  the Brancoveanu  family  for  about  120  years and  then  turned  over  to  the  family  BibescuThe  palace  is  made  in  Romanian  Renaissance  style  ( Brâncovenesc )   an  eclectic  style  that  combines  elements  of RenaissanceBaroque  and  Oriental.

 – Comana Delta  – A land of story in Giurgiu County just 50 km from Giurgiu and Bucharest about as live trees Vlasia forests where once alighted on an island surrounded by marshes even Vlad the Impaler, founder of Comana monastery fortress. Today, more can be found  in  this  old  forest  treesFormer  swamp  became  “Comana  natural Park ” and  has  been  recognized  by  scientists  as  a  second  Romanian Delta , today  knights”  fighting  with  Turks shadows   in  a  modern – Adventure  park  , perched  in  secular  oaks  and  accommodation  available  for  rest  and  relaxation .

 – Caldarusani Monastery  – founded in 1638 by Matei Basarab (1632-1654). In a charter of 1615, issued by the office of Prince Radu  Mihnea   , it appears that the Caldarusani there before 1637.  Hermitage Caldarusani monastery  church  bears  the  imprint  of  Dealu  MonasteryThe name  comes  from  the  configuration  monastery  site  which  has  the  appearance  of  bucketsIn  the  time  of  St. Abbot  at Cernica,  the Monastery  Caldarusani  becomes  one  of  the  most  important  centers  of  culture  and  spiritualityCaldarusani  Monastery  is  one  of  the  largest  and  oldest  Orthodox  monasteries in  Wallachia.  Located  a  short  distance  from  Bucharest,  on  Lake  Caldarusani ,  the  monastery  was built  between  the  years  1637-1638,  being  endowed  with  many  gifts  by  Prince  Matei    Basarab .

One day trip , make reservation for rent car with driver of group up to 8 passengers : Mercedes  mpv , viano,minivan ,executive or premium car !

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