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Danube Delta- The paradise of birds

The Danube Delta, largely north of Dobrogea, Romania and partly in Ukraine, is the second largest and best preserved of the European deltas. In 1991 it became UNESCO World Heritage, being classified as a biosphere reserve nationwide in Romania. The Danube Delta (except the secondary delta of the Chilia branch) is traditionally a part of Dobrogea, but in Antiquity and the Middle Ages the seaside was much more to the West (between Chilia veche and Murighiol in the time of Strabon, between Periprava and Dranov Lake in the Byzantine era) , So that the historical maps representing Dobrogea comprising the entire current Delta are almost false. The Danube Delta is framed in the Panonic and steppe region of Dobrogea and presents a natural area with floristic and fauna diversity, expressed at species level, terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems. There are many tourist attractions, places of worship, historical monuments, archaeological sites, protected areas, natural areas on the territory and in the vicinity of the national park. Example:

-The Orthodox Church “Buna Vestire” – Tulcea, sec. XIX, historical monument.

-Roman camp Halmyris – Murighiol.

-Azizyie Mosque (Sultan Abdulaziz ) -Tulcea, the Muslim community’s worship place built in the 19th century , historical monument.

Greco-indigenous settlement in the village of Salcioara (archaeological site).

-Argamum Fortress – Orgame, archaeological site located in the eastern district of Tulcea, on the territory of Jurilovca commune, in the place named Doloşman. It lies between Babadag Plateau and Liman Razim, which in ancient times was an open bay of the Black Sea (Argamon Bay).

-Histria, a Greek fortress (ruin) located on the administrative territory of Histria commune, in the county of Constanta; The oldest city certified on the present territory of Romania.

-Archaeological site in village Visina.

-Macin Mountains

-Black Sea

– The Razim-Sinoe Lagoon Complex (Dobrogen Limes)

In terms of accommodation in the Danube – Delta , you can find the guest houses  where you can eat the best fish borsch and various fish dishes , or hotels 3 – 5 Stars for more demanding people. Local Fishermen can show you best fishing spots, they can ride you by motor boat or “lotca” ( local name of boat).

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