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day trip to Sighisoara- Count Dracula’s birthplace

Clock Tower – Sighisoara, Dracula’s birthplace; VLT-personal driver

The first documentary attestation of the settlement dates from 1280 under the name of Castrum Sex. In 1298 the German name Schespurch (later "Schäßburg") is mentioned. The locality is mentioned in 1367 as "civitas" (city).

Between the years 1431 - 1435, Vlad Dracul - the father of Vlad Tepes stayed in Sighisoara, waiting for the right moment to ascend the throne of Wallachia. At the same time, he ruled these regions in the name of Sigismund of Luxemburg, the king of Hungary. It seems that in this period - 1431, Vlad Țepeș was born in Sighisoara.

The first who research and connect this house with the presence of Vlad the Impaler in Sighisoara was Dr. I.Culcer, based on the "portrait with a turban" on the wall of the living room upstairs. The fresco here shows four figures, one of them wearing a turban. According to Culcer, it would be about the owners of the house and two guests, the one in oriental costume with a turban being Vlad Dracul. The presence of Vlad Dracul in Sighisoara is attested by two letters:

       The first, from the end of 1431, in which the ruler asked the people of Brasov for support for the removal of A. Aldea from the throne of the Romanian Land, mentioning the fact that "... and the people from Šaghișoara are coming with me".         
The second letter, around the year 1436, also asked the people of Brasov to send to Sighişoara the necessary instruments for a mint: "...that's why the peasants from Şeghișoara understood that I want to move the heresy (mint - n.n.) away from you." The medieval citadel - Sighisoara has been listed in the world cultural heritage - UNESCO since 1999
and one of the best preserved European medieval fortresses .
Sighisoara can be reached in approximately 3.1/2 hours from Bucharest. On longer tour can be visited other places related with Vlad- The Impaler

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