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Dracula tour- the REAL ONE !

The tour takes place on the route:

Bucharest Old Princely Court (30 min.) ;  continue to Comana Monastery, where he was captured by the Turks 50 km south of Bucharest ; monastery  Snagov – Ostrov  , where supposedly buried  VLAD’s head ; Targoviste- Princely Court, where he reigned, 80 km north of Bucharest; Poenari fortress Eagle’s Nest, where he often retreated ; and of course, Sighisoara Vlad The Dragon’s birthplace , bloodthirsty of any invader.

Poenari fortress that is on the Transfagarasan road, 5 km. by Vidraru – The dam , full and quickest tour can be done in summer season , including crossing mt. Fagaras . Total mileage 790 km .

So, forget about Bran, the castle of Dracula. There is nothing related with Vlad the Impaler !


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