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Ice hotel – Balea Lake Transfagarasan h-way on January


Don’t forget, the mountain demands its tribute sometimes meaning human lives !

In 1977, the biggest mountain tragedy in Romanian history took place at Bâlea Lake : 19 teenagers from Sibiu, three teachers and an engineer died. The  tragic moment did not appear in the press. On the Tuesday after the avalanche, the only reminders of the tragedy were the notices in the death column, which had been given by the families of the deceased. Five days after the event, the local newspaper “Tribuna” published, in the “Information” section, a photo of the Bâlea-Lac avalanche, without saying anything about the 23 dead.

The impact it has mass-media is sometimes good for some of us. Event of January 19 ,2016, when the cable car was damaged and approx. 70 tourists were trapped for a night and were staying at the chalet Balea – lake and cottage Paltinu following days they were recovered by teams SMURD,  coming in help and a prosperous businessman in Brasov. All the tourists were to descend safely with helicopters to the village Cartisoara. It seems that still lingers due to frost 3-4 days and sunny days, everything went normal.

So: Do you want a cold experience  at – 20C  !  … we are ready for a trip to Balea- Transfagarasan .

To get there, there are two different roads in the summer ( 240 km) and winter season ( 300 Km ) .

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