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Muddy Volcanoes and highlights of Buzau c-ty

Located near village Berca, Muddy Volcanoes are perhaps the most famous tourist attraction in  Buzau county. On two plateaus almost desert-looking miniature lunar craters are created by natural gas at more than 3000 m deep, on their way to the surface in contact with ground water and clay soil. It is open to the public all year long, but best to be visited during sunny days. Volcanoes in Buzau county are not that one you would expect. The entire area lays over several hectares of gray, drained  land, some little plants and herbs . Large crevasses have been created in time by the water.

Muddy volcanoes was discovered  by  H. Cognand, who was searching for oil in the area in 1867, and it was not too far: at Sarata- Monteoru village was extracted oil for a very first time in Romania  and the old Rig  still works in the same extraction process way. “Paclele Mari” from Muddy Volcanoes have an area of 22 ha and can be reached by car on asphalt road, at  “Paclele Mici”  which have a smaller surface-16.5 hectares, can be reached  climbing by foot a hill.

Muddy Volcanoes are rarely visited by local villagers – they believe the place is cursed by evil and malefic spirits. The Muddy Volcanoes are also called “the gates of hell”.  After the visit to the Mud Volcanoes you can visit the Amber Museum from Colti, the only amber museum in south east Europe.

In Lopatari town, on a hill near the porridge isLiving Fire” . It is a natural phenomenon due to gas emanations from the ground below through cracks that reach the surface crust and ignite accidentally (sun, lightning) or by people. Fires are spectacular especially in the evening.

Buzau Mountains are home to around 30 settlements cave (cells and churches) that were used as shelter and place of worship ancient population  in an attempt to protect themselves from dangers and get closer to God, people sought places hidden away from the world and then these unique places not included in tourist guides. Settlements from Alunis cave, Colti, Nucu, Fisici are the most popular.

The stone church from Alunis is over 700 years old and is the only one that still officiating jobs today. Near the church there are several undeveloped cells. Further afield, you can just browse distances on foot or by horse, are several other cave settlements of Christian hermits in ancient times:  Fundul Pesterii, Dionysius – The Spinner  his cell, Joseph Cave, Cave Mouth of Tartar, Stone door . Some shelter inscriptions and drawings dated 2000 BC, a great historical value.

Near the dam – Siriu , is Casoca waterfall or Pruncea . Stream of cold water has a fall of 17 m. It is accessible from DN 10 right up to 14 seats Cottage, then on a forest road to the waterfall. In this area, away from the world and his hideout was Gheorghilas, outlaw these places .

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