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Praid, Slanic-Prahova, Turda – Romanian “pearls of salt ” !


Fail to make, every year, millions of tourists thanks to the charm of the place played by the magnitude and breadth of premises microclimate of salt air (annual constant temperature – max.16º C), air purity and activities available to visitors: tourists or patients in treatment, however they are found in an underground space.

The most commonly known where salt was mined, over time, and continues today, are those of Ocnele Mari ( Valcea cty), Slanic Prahova ( Prahova cty), Targu Ocna ( Bacau cty), Cacica ( Suceava cty), Ocna Turda ( Cluj cty), Praid (Harghita cty.).

Salt mine Praid – Harghita

Salt Praid is a salt mine in Romania, the first salt mines are attested by the Romans on I Century A.D., but the Praid mine is documented since XII Century, and the intensive exploitation is from XVII C-ry. For a systematic mining at Praid can speak only starting with 1787, when the first mine, Joseph and then Carol and Ferdinand, was excavated. In the middle of the XXth Century the mine Elisabeta and Gh.Doja was opened. Then another few mines of exploitation . At The Dimitrie Leonida Technical Museum in Bucharest is the oldest plant used in a salt mine in Romania. It is the “crivacul” of the Praid mine, equipped with a huge reel, on which a cable (odgon). As a tourist attraction, the treatment of speleotherapy and climatotherapy involves the practical inhalation of air in the mine, being very useful in cases of respiratory diseases (asthmatic, bronchial and allergic diseases). This treatment takes place at the “50” horizon, at a depth of 120m from the surface.

There is also a museum with old digging tools and an Adventure park.

 Salt mine Turda

Salt mining in Roman times is probably, to be clear evidence on this activity are lacking. Only in 1075 Hungarian chancellery in a document referring to Transylvania mentions about customs salt mines – ” the city that is called Turda … the place which is called in Hungarian – Aranyas , in Latin – Aureus “. Until 1992 it was state monopoly, after ’92 was reopened to the public as a touristic point , the first 500m of the gallery Franz Josef transport were used as cheese warehouse. In 2008 salina enter into a comprehensive process of modernization and improvement and is open for tourist in 2010. You can visit: Franz-Josef gallery, Joseph Mine – echoes room, hall Crivac,  hall hole extraction -horses room , mine Gisela ,hall of call: Altar and rich men scale ; mine – Rudolf, Theresa mine, mine Anton. It features: amphitheater, children’s playground, pier – boats, mini-golf, Big Wheel, sports ground. Surface: SPA Center Potaissa, outdoor pool – Durgau, the protected area – Durgau …

Slanic- Prahova salt mine

In declaring Slanic Prahova the tourist resort of national interest have contributed: salt mine, sulfur springs on the valley slopes Slănicului, seven salt lakes formed on the old salt mines, has developed an activity bath touring, documented in 1853. And of course being considered the largest salt mine in Europe .

Mina Unirea located at a depth of 208m, on an area of 5.3Ha opened after 1970. Tourist circuit allows highlighting some spatial elements of tourist interest in the internal structure of the massive salt represented by creases development tens of meters, marked by alternating bands colored with shades of gray and white mineralogical characteristics (structure, texture, way crystallization), special purity salt, temperature cca.13º C, humidity of approximately 60%, and salt aerosols with therapeutic effects on health has been arranged for both leisure and treatment.  

In “Genesis Hall” can admire: the salt sculptures of two great ancient leaders,  Decebal  and Traian surrounded by  specific items and novel ; a bas-relief bust of Prince Michael the Brave and salt carved in the “Morning Star” of Romanian poetry – Mihai Eminescu. The salt mine Mihai separated by a 40 m floor  by mine Union, develops national & international competitions of plane modeling (this is possibly due to climate particularly the speed of air circulation is close to “0”), during which and allowed it to tourists.

Which is the most beautiful , tourist visitor ….. only you can decide !

From Bucharest it is the fastest time to visit the Slanic-Prahova salt mine, only 120 km- 1.5 hour drive the car.

Get a quotation in section cars and prices and bookings for rent car with driver , group up to 7 passengers for tour :  E class, V-class !  



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