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Sirnea – Brasov cty, first tourist village in Romania

Şirnea is a small village in Brasov c-ty, located at the foot of the Piatra Craiului Mountains, at an altitude of 1,400 m. In 1968 Şirnea was declared the first tourist village in Romania, and now there happens exciting events such as:

     –  Sumedru’s Fire (protector of crops and shepherds), which takes place every year on 25 October. When the village children dress in costumes specific place, make a fire and dancing around him. The bravest of them jumping through fire or jumping over “the fire of Sumedru” as the villagers say.

     – “Winter in Sirnea” and national ski competition “Sirnea Cup”. Initiated in 1969, this event requires a ski race (tens of skiers engaging the torches in their hands), round dances, parties and sleigh.

      – Olympic Day – June 23. Celebrated for about 30 years, this day is lighting the Olympic flame, the Olympic flag and parade participants bringing in this Olympic Committee officials.

      – Night of Sanziene – June 24

      – Measure the milk and meeting the children of the village – late June.

      – Nedeia of Mountains – traditional pastoral festival, called in the past “fair of two countries”, held at Fundata, on the border between Transylvania and Romanian Country, organized the day of St. Elijah

      – Historical reconstitution Festival – dedicated to fighting unfolded between the Romanian army and armies of the Central Powers, in  Giuvala Pass in the autumn of 1916. Fundata was the first village liberated by the Romanian army at the entrance in Transylvania and here were recorded the first victims Romanian soldiers.

Sirnea place is well known by all lovers of photography in the country. The village offers a magnificent view to the Bucegi and Piatra Craiului Mountains, both Natural Parks,  making it ideal for capturing unique landscapes.

You can also visit the National Park – Piatra Craiului,  Zarnesti Gorges , Gradistea Gorges ,  Dâmbovicioara cave and Gorges , Bats cave in Pestera village, LiBEARty  sanctuary – Zarnesti , Vidraru Dam and Lake.

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