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day trip to Sighisoara- Dracula’s birthplace

The first documentary attestation of the settlement dates from 1280 under the name of Castrum Sex. In 1298 the German name Schespurch (later “Schäßburg”) is mentioned. The locality is mentioned in 1367 as “civitas” (city). Between the years 1431 – 1435, Vlad Dracul – the father of […]

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Danube Delta- The paradise of birds

Danube Delta- The paradise of  birds

The Danube Delta, largely north of Dobrogea, Romania and partly in Ukraine, is the second largest and best preserved of the European deltas. In 1991 it became UNESCO World Heritage, being classified as a biosphere reserve nationwide in Romania. The Danube Delta (except the secondary delta of the […]

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