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About Us

We started in 1997, since then providing passenger transport services  at an average level, after that we decided to raise the level of service quality by offering Mercedes limousine cars rentals with driver starting a few years later .

Our full chauffeured services package offers you in any moment, either for a business travel, airport transfer or for tour in Romania during your vacation, a Mercedes business – class : S – class , E – class , V-class,  with a driver or only the driver ( if you want only a private driving service – only with pre-order ). 

All transport services are made from address to address.

The driver is at your disposal also in the case of special events like: business meeting,  wedding, reception, party, dinner or cocktail and so on.

We are not just drivers, during the rental period we can also offer tourist guide services !

 Forget the stress of insurance payment / bank deposit for renting a car, queue in airport , calculations etc…..

Our drivers:      – licensed in passenger transport through extensive specialized courses

                         – have 20 years driving experience

                        – speak mainly English

                        – have a business dress code ( on business trips) , assist you during the trip in order to choose the best route, observe schedule etc

In order to serve you in a timely and high quality manner, please send your order/request with at least :

– 1 days before your event/ trip ,

–  10 days before your planned tour/ trip    

All CC accepted paying by PayPal  choosing the desired service – by pressing the SELECT button .

For the last minute order  the payment is made directly to the driver, CC accepted : Maestro, MasterCard, Visa

We are interested in becoming an affiliate partner in ground transportation  even globally .

We’re proud of the relationships we’re developing !

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