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Veliko-Tarnovo Tzaravets tour

Starting from Bucuresti  crossing Danube river at Giurgiu- Russe is about 2.1/2 hrs. to get Veliko. About two centuries Tarnovo was the capital of the Second Bulgarian Kingdom (the end of XII – XIV century.). It is the center, where were decided the most important political, religious, administrative and cultural issues in the life of the mediaeval state. The territory of the city Tarnovo that has been inhabited since ancient times became a metropolitan center after the restoration of the Bulgarian state in 1186. It is chosen because of its strategic location. Actually Thracians and Romans used it as a defensive position, but the Byzantines built the first significant fortress here between the 5th and 7th centuries AD.    Royal court is very well preserved and deserved to explore each corner of it , but watch your step: there are lots of potholes, broken steps and unfenced drops. In the old town are shops, creative workshops, art galleries, pubs, restaurant.  Not far from Veliko, 3km up hill there is Arbanassi – beautiful old village.
 quotation with all border and road taxes :
Mercedes E-class : 3pax.: 250 Euro
Mercedes V-class : up to 7 pass.- 350 Euro ; up to 4 pass.-250 Euro