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Personal Driver / Private driver- chauffeured services


Get a personal driver in Bucharest, or for the rest of Romania country and have a hassle-free great time!
Our full services package offers you in any moment, either for a travel business or leisure, a Mercedes car with a driver or only the driver (if you want only a driving service). We are not just drivers, but we also have tourist guide knowledge. The driver is at your disposal also in the case of special events like: trip for business meeting, wedding, reception, dinner or cocktail and so on.
 Looking for your ancestors – “back to the roots” in Romania, with us you can find the solution to your research !
We can talk on WhatsApp, Mess, Telegram  +40740882087 , whenever you can find the best route and the price offer  !
Our drivers:
  • are licensed in driving courses for passengers
  • have more than 20 years driving experience
  • speak English lang.
  • have a business dress code on business trips , casual dress code on country tour trip
  • assist you during the trip in order to choose the best route, observe schedule etc
  • all services are made door to door
In order to serve you in a timely and high quality manner, please send your order/request with at least 24 hrs. before your event/ trip in city, a week  or more before, for country tour trip !
Arch of Triumph - Bucharest ,Atheneum BucharestArt Collections MuseumAtheneum Bucharest VLTthe Air Pilot Monument- BucharestAntipa Museum -Carol I Central University Library Botanical Garden - BucharestBucharest 550 years old City VLT-personal driverBucharest night vision Bucharest sunset VLT personal driverBucur Church-Bucharest.Carol I Park- BucharestCentral Army House VLT Bucharest private driverCentral CEC House BucharestCotroceni Palace George Enescu National MuseumNational Bank of RomaniaNational Art Museum of Romania Bucharest National Museum of History Romania BucharestNational Sport ArenaBucharest night vision Princely Palace Old Court BucharestPrincely Palace Old Court Bucharest Princely Palace Old Court Bucharest VLT Personal driver servicesMogosoaia PalaceMogosoaia PalaceMogosoaia Palace - BucurestiParliament House Atheneum Bucharest Atheneum Bucharest Romanian Opera HallStavropoleos Church BucharestThe Manuc's inn