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Prahova – wine road tour







Romanian Wine Road – Reissuing older segment of a wine route used by the Romans, who crossed Europe. With a length of 58 kilometers, it crosses the county from east to west, transiting 13 villages  in Prahova, including Urlati, Ceptura , Călugărească Valley  and Tohani,  Băicoi , Boldeşti, Bucov, Pleasa , Iordăcheanu , Fantanele, Tohani, Gura Vadului, Călugăreni and to fully exploit  ,, liquid gold , were introduced in the wine cellars tourist circuit from Urlati and Azuga – Rhein cellary, Tohani areas, Budureasca Cellar, Wine Cellar SERVE, Cellar RotenbergDealu Mare Urlati, Cellars Basilescu , Mansion Urlateanu, wine cellars Sahateni-Visinescu, Vitis Metamorfosis – Dealu Mare , LacertA winery ,ICDVV which are offered for tasting exceptional sparkling wines  , accompanied by traditional rustic menu. Wine tasting season start always in late September , after gathering grapes from vineyards .  Or, visit the winery & restaurant Casa Seciu , Casa Timis, Dacian”s farm, Black Maiden ( Feteasca ) Guesthouse.

Attractions in the area: Bellu Mansion Museum, monasteries : Varbilau, Jercălăi , museum or monastery  Zamfira 1777 -painted by N.Grigorescu .

Of course it must mentioned the famous old wine cellars and vineyards: Murfatlar, Vinju , Cotnari, Jidvei, Dragasani, Ostrov ,Niculitel…but are located far from Bucharest and visited them , last longer than  a day trip !

For a day trip , make reservation for rent car with driver of group up to 7 passengers : Mercedes V-class minivan ,        E-class  !

Mercedes V-class up to 7 passengers –  195 Euro

Mercedes E – class 3 passengers      –   150 Euro


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