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on the footsteps of the communist dictator Ceausescu

  Are you interested to visit all these places !? Get a quotation in section cars and prices for 3 days journey which include : Bucuresti- Targoviste- Pitesti- Scornicesti- Doftana- return to Bucuresti We can offer you executive car, V-class.

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Praid, Slanic-Prahova, Turda – Romanian “pearls of salt ” !

  Fail to make, every year, millions of tourists thanks to the charm of the place played by the magnitude and breadth of premises microclimate of salt air (annual constant temperature – max.16º C), air purity and activities available to visitors: tourists or patients in treatment, however they […]

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tour in Moldova- Painted monasteries and Bicaz Gorges , 5 or more days

Bicaz Gorges area with a length of 6 km from the Red Lake upstream to downstream Bicaz Ardelean village is crossed by the road linking the towns of Transcarpathian DN12C Gheorgheni and Bicaz. Gorges included Bicaz Gorges – Hăşmaş and do part of the nature reserve Bicaz […]

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